Revisionaries is a raunchy/underground sci-fi comedy about a spineless WW2 soldier who teams up with a group of time travelers hellbent on killing Hitler. The only downside… Is that they’re all idiots, and their adventure is one non-stop disaster of another. It’s “part Heavy Metal (1981), part World War II action, part time travel comedy, with a very slight tinge of Cannibal Holocaust in the middle” (

Originally released in print form through Kickstarter, it was adapted into a webcomic once Nico and Andrew realized that they just wanted to share their story with as many people as possible. And that it should therefore be free. New pages are posted every Monday. The story will conclude in Issue Six.



Andrew Adams [writer] is a Los Angeles-based writer and filmmaker. He’s the author of Schismatic and the writer/director behind a Disney XD pilot presentation called The Fixits. He’s been reading comics since he was a child, beginning with Bone and Generation X. He currently makes a living writing/directing branded film content (including web commercials and branded narratives), but aspires to work on narrative content full-time (television, film, and comics).

Nico Sucio [artist // Grid Runner, Eat The Shadow] is a comic artist and illustrator from Argentina. He’s been making fanzines since 2002, which he then distributes in local comic shops, hardcore-punk gigs and raves. His influences range from classic sci-fi anime to underground European comics to 90s cartoons. His Holy Trinity of style influences are Sam Kieth, John K. and Ryusuke Mita.